Unemployment Fraud


Many of our residents have had unemployment claims filed fraudulently in their names. If you get a notification that you did not request the Kansas Department of Labor has set up a resource. Their office handles these investigations.

KDOL Launches Effort to Stop Identity Theft-Related Unemployment Fraud

The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) has created a website at https://www.ReportFraud.ks.gov as a one-stop shop reporting tool for Kansas residents who suspect their identity has been used to claim unemployment benefits. This site eliminates the need for individual law enforcement agencies to make reports related to these claims as the website will generate a police report number for the victim and provide tips for the victim to use to help mitigate the damage from the theft. KDOL agents will then handle any required investigative follow-up and prevent the fraudulent claims from being paid. Please refer to the KDOL Media Release for more information.

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