Road & Bridge


Wabaunsee County Road & Bridge is responsible for maintaining 154 miles of gravel roads and 64 miles of paved roads in the 801 square mile area. Of the 64 miles of chip-seal roads approximately 16 miles are scheduled each year for a new seal coat. Wabaunsee County has 65 RS bridges and 113 off-system bridges. The county is responsible for maintaining approximately 800 county size culverts (25 sq. ft opening). The remaining roads and culverts are maintained by the 13 Townships in Wabaunsee County.

Wabaunsee County is divided into 13 political townships. Each township is governed by a three-member board. The townships are responsible for rocking and grading their roads, mowing and installing driveway entrances.

The Main Office, located at 403 Iowa St, Alma KS, offers many services. Road records and surveys, flood plain maps, and county bridge plans are available.

Staff Contacts


Road & Bridge Director

(785) 765-3432

Office Manager

(785) 765-3432